Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Sarah’s 15 years of office administrative experience should be of interest to rapidly growing industries. In various capacities of office administration Sarah has acquired skills in all phases of business administration. illustrating her high adaptability and tenacious resolve, Sarah has been of great benefit to companies of diverse industries and would be honored to discuss how she can help you accomplish your goals.

Sarah Moore is an administrative professional with office related expertise including: accounts receivable, procurement, task management, reconciliation, and analytical reasoning, among other skills, demonstrated in her experience. I am sure Sarah will be able to contribute toward your growth and profit utilizing: her excellent written and oral communication skills, ability to learn software proficiently and easily, as well as her tremendous capacity to “wear many hats.”

Most recently, Sarah worked as a Lease Analyst at Newmark on the Microsoft Portfolio.   Of potential interest to your company may also be additional services offered by Sarah as an IO Psyc consultant, notary, web designer, and chaplain. Please reference the Portfolio page and contact link below for additional information to connect with Sarah regarding your needs.